Going Global!

The Instructor

At present, I teach the life and times of African American Sheroes to classrooms all over Georgia; through one of its history museum organizations via zoom greenscreen!

Likewise, The Children’s Aid Society/White Plains, NY boosted my utopia as a Teaching Artist! If I could successfully teach children from the Bronx in a six-week summer camp, then I knew I could go anywhere in the world to help students accelerate their passion for


My return to NYC a year later to engage in The Lincoln Center Institute for The Arts in Education Workshop in Manhattan broadened my view on how to further instill new creativity in budding actors!

I believe I am a magnet for attracting people and emitting rays of hope to a good number of people who can benefit from my energy; children and adults as well! I am blessed by recognizing a good fit when I walk into a class or a workshop! I confess, that I do have a knack for sharing positivity with most people I meet. I am a fireball...and I give LIFE to the Arts!

For me, it all begins by creating an atmosphere that engulfs students upon entering for the first time! That is why I have initiated...Peggy’s Creative Arts Space! A place where students can “stretch and explore!" A haven for The Arts gives

students' permission to create something all their own!

I have had excellent classroom management skills...for the past 20 years. Although I create a fun learning environment, I am a stickler for order and organization for the sake of the entire class. I encourage hands-on work in class, and simply adore it when students eagerly show and verbalize comprehension and appreciation for the craft of Drama.

My experience as a Special Education Teacher’s Aide, Title-I supplemental work, and parent Liaison for Ferguson-Florissant School District’s 21st Century Programs offered me skills to catapult into artistic classrooms; such as those for COCA, prepared me to treat students as individuals, and not lump their needs into one. I am forever grateful to have pent the last three years as Drama Ministry Leader at my place of worship, The Spirit Church/Pastor Aeneas Williams, writing, directing, teaching, and producing inspirational works of art.


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