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The Songstress

Singing has always come easy for me...perhaps because it brings me so much joy when I’m in a state of releasing musical vibes!

I’m an outgoing person, and I like happiness...all songs that I’m actively engaged in make me happy; regardless of tempo, happy/sad occasions, or style.

I have two Inspirational CDs; one through a recording contract with Donna Groff Agency/AMTC in Memphis, TN. I have been on a European Singing Tour with the Dept. of Defense. I’ve been cast as a background “Extra” singer for Momma Don’t at the Fox Theatre in St Louis, MO and been in countless Musicals at colleges and universities.

I was simply floored when I was chosen as 1st Place winner of Branson’s Christian Action Ministries at Sight and Sound Theatre Annual Competition. Ironically, I missed the opportunity to take seriously music lessons as a child, not realizing it would have given me a stronger foundation, so I sing by ear and do a bit of sight-reading but have to put more effort into timing, notes, and such, but I’ve never let that stop me...

I jump out there and work with musicians until I get it!

Peggy's Favorite Musical Performances

Even as early as a child I would simply be compelled to flex my voice (instrument) with riffs, tunes, and melodies I didn’t understand myself...they were pleasing, effortless, and filled with emotions. I later realized through my Christian walk that it was an anointing, and I’ve been forever grateful for that.

My Mom’s self-taught, basic piano playing & singing, and her Father’s self-taught, Big Band Jazz trumpet playing whenever he visited from out of town, were my role models for staying active in music...and of course, singing in church and school choir in my hometown. Plus, neighbors and friends filled our home with creativity for years, when they visited our house to play the huge, upright piano our Dad bought for our home.

So, I gravitated towards sharing my singing in classrooms, events, churches, and later in life on professional stages of all kinds. I even tried my hand at my first professional music video for Street Ministry.

I am thankful to be a Female owned/Black-owned business partner in I H Productions Creative Arts Services, photography and recording studio work with my husband, Michael I. Harris.

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