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The Activist

The Ahmaud Arbery murder trial has changed my life forever...in ways, I can not count! It has given me excellent ways of blending Art and policy, in ways I could never imagine.

In the past, I have been an advocate for Black History by representing female characters of historical significance. But my work with the Transformative Justice Coalition since the summer months, (with the John Lewis Voting Rights Act & now Ahmaud Arbery) has made it

possible to “re-focus” on how I can support and/or hold accountable our legal system with creative performances that creates a “felt-experience” and cause them to act for the people with whom they vow to work for!

Many of our elected officials and government bodies fail to see the significance of all races of people, and because they are far removed from humanity they neglect inclusion...Art brings it right back into focus!

Before working with this Washington D.C. Law Firm & Non-profit organization, I had the extreme pleasure of assisting local STL political candidates with videos, voice-overs, acting, photography, singing, and graphics work.

I am proud of my work as an ACTivist in the STL History Museum’s #1 in Civil Rights 15-month Exhibit, depicting Black Women who have made significant contributions to the area and beyond!

My Creative Arts work with the Department of Defense and recent National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency has made me appreciate 1st Responders and all military personnel (active and veteran) with the highest respect for our security!

My ongoing initiatives will increase locally with Missouri Voter Protection Agency, Indivisible organization, Urban League Guild, Ferguson elected officials (including Mayor Ella M. Jones/STL County Prosecutor Wesley Bell) Ferguson Parks and Recreation, and others as they reach out to me for Arts & Policy consulting work in the future! I will continue to sing, act and teach for these organizations.


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